Authentic American Indian Arts

Specializing In Zuni Fetish Carvings From The Southwest
Beautiful Images Of The Protective
         Animals Of Pueblo Indian Culture

      Carved In Marble, Cedar, Stone, Shell, Antler, Jet

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posted June 2017

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posted June 2017

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Zuni Fetish Carvers Link List
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Links are listed alphabetically by artist's last name

 A, B  Zuni Fetish Carvers

Garrick Acque, Burt Awelagte, Christine Banteah,

  Emery Boone, Eugene Bowekaty

See also:  Boone    Fred Bowannie Jr

Lena & Leland Boone Zuni Fetishes

Leland Boone, Lena Boone

Fred Bowannie Jr  Fetishes

Daniel Chattin

 Cheama Zuni Fetishes

Fabian Cheama, Cody Cheama,

Lance Cheama, Wilfred Cheama

C , D  Zuni Fetish Carvers

 Aaron Chapella,  David Chavez,

Ephran Chavez, Kenny Chavez,

Vince Chavez, Michael Coble, Gabby Concho

See also:  Daniel Chattin,    Cheama

E  Zuni Fetish Carvers

Dee Edaakie, Bremette Epaloose,

Emery Eriacho, Gayla Eriacho, Orin Eriacho,

Alonzo Esalio, Jesus Espino

See also:  Albert Eustace

Albert Eustace Zuni Fetishes

Herbert Him Sr Zuni Fetishes

Herbert Him Sr

G, H  Zuni Fetish Carvers

Peter Gasper Jr,  Taylor Gia, Herb Halate,

 Saville Hattie, Herbert Him Jr, Bernard Homer,

Juana Homer, Milton Honowa, Herbert Hustito

See also  Herbert Him

Kaamasee Zuni Fetishes  

Derrick Kaamasee

 J , K  Zuni Fetish Carvers

  Rickson Kalestewa, Leonard Kaskalla,

Libert Kaskalla, Marnella Kucate

See also:  Kaamasee

Ricky Laahty Zuni Fetishes

Lunasee Zuni Fetishes

 Ronnie Lunasee, Rosella Lunasee,

Vernon Lunasee & Prudencia Quam

Leekya Zuni Fetishes

Delvin Leekya, Freddie Leekya,

Enrike Leekya, Hayes Leekya, Sarah Leekya

L  Zuni Fetish Carvers

Maxx Laate,

Donovan Laiwakete,
Bernard Laiwakete,

Colin Lalio,  Alvert Lamy,

Travis Lasiloo, Andres Lementino,

Ed Lementino, Tim Lementino,

Marlon Lowsayatee, Randy Lucio

See also:  Leekya,    Lunasee    Ricky Laahty

M  Zuni Fetish Carvers

 Ulysses Mahkee,

Kyle Mahooty, Michael Mahooty,

 Clissa Martin,

Eric Martinez,  Terrence Martza

N, P  Zuni Fetish Carvers

Esteban Najera,  Ruben Najera,

Pete Natachu,  Lavies & Daisy Natewa,   

Daphne Neha, Kenny Panteah,  

Chris Peina, Claudia Peina, Hiram Peynetsa,

Brandon Phillips, Hubert Pincion

Veronica Poblano Zuni Fetishes

Jovanna Poblano Zuni Fetishes

Quam Zuni Fetishes
 Dan Quam,

Eldred Quam, Georgette Quam,

Kevin Quam, Lynn Quam,

Melissa Quam, Rick Quam

Quandelacy Zuni Fetishes

Andres Quandelacy,

Chad Quandelacy, Faye Quandelacy,

Georgia Quandelacy, Sandra Quandelacy,

Stewart Quandelacy, Stuart Quandelacy

R, S, T  Zuni Fetish Carvers

Melvin Sandoval, Hudson Sandy, Sebastian Santos,

Russell Shack, Lorandina Sheche,

 Troy Sice, Loubert Soseeah,  Destry Suitza,  

Alex Tsethlikai,  Fabian Tsethlikai,

W, Y, Z   Zuni Fetish Carvers

Colin Weeka, Fred Weekoty, Albenita Yunie,  Karen Zunie


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